International Triathlon Union

Amadeus led the strategic approach and business development for Event Logistics and Travel services for the ITU across 2017 - 2019 , for SEL (Torino). (WTS and WC Events)

Amadeus led the strategic approach and planning for event logistics for the ITU for 2014 - 2016 (WTS and WC events)


ITU staff from the Lausanne, CH, Madrid, Spain, and Vancouver, Canada offices travel to ITU WTS, WC, Mixed Relay, and Para events across an exciting calendar of event over an 11 month period

Event Services

ITU demand the efficient transport, handling and set up of event critical equipment for the ITU list of events.

The team were on hand 24/7 to ensure efficient and effective planning and service were fullfilled. Start, Finish, and Transition areas.