SEL and Amadeus Holdings : shake hands looking to worldwide projects


SEL and Amadeus-Holdingssign the beginning of a collaboration, a starting point for a common path towards big worldwide projects.

Pier Carlo Bottero (CEO, SEL) and Matthew Clarke (Managing Partner, Amadeus Holdings) they have known each other for over 10 years and in all these years they have been linked by a great mutual respect, and a strong passion for Sport.

Competence, reliability and professionalism are the leitmotiv that accompanied both their careers and, from today, these characteristics will be the starting point for ambitious projects to be implemented and realized  together, combining their reciprocal resources.

Matthew Clarke

“Sports’ lover” both in life and work. He has worked with the biggest worldwide logistics operators, he is a reference for the biggest sporting events, first of all speaking about the Olympic Games. He is known for being a pioneer in finding innovative solutions and customized within the sports industry.

"In SEL, I saw a team full of resources, reliable and knowledgeable with a great desire to grow. I am sure that we will do great things together "

Pier Carlo Bottero

Multifaceted manager, real creator of “tailor-made” service applied to the logistics of sporting events all over the World.

"I am excited thinking about being partner with one of the main experts of the world's leading logistics. Our skills, our common passion for sports and the seriousness with which both of us always face the goals, are features that, together in a common project, will lead us to achieve great results. “