EXPO 2015

Project Management

  • Development of overall plan for the Participant
  • Development of Pavilion specific timelines
  • Coordination and Integration with Overall Expo 2015 Event Plan
  • Review and monitoring Pavilion timelines
  • Generation and distribution of reports

Procurement & sourcing

Local Suppliers

  • Identification
  • Meeting with Suppliers
  • Evaluation and Recommendation of suppliers
  • Documentation of Scope of Services of suppliers
  • (Consistent and Uniform approach)
  • Validation of Supplier products and materials
  • Testing of Supplier Services


  • Negotiation of purchase agreements / contracts
  • Monitoring of progress
  • Reporting and Critical Path progress

Project Conclusion

  • Demobilisation
  • Disposal
  • On Sale or Return of products and materials


Attendance to meetings

  • Participant Internal meetings
  • Expo 2015 Organizers meetings
  • National Pavilion Holders meetings

Attendance to Expo 2015 venue location

  • Meet and Greet within confines of the venue
  • Explanatory and / or research visit with prospective client groups

On Site meetings with client design and build groups

  • Integration with other Pavilion construction, access to build areas
  • Build relationship with Expo 2015 Event Organizing Committee in support of the Participant Local Services
  • Transportation
  • Language Translation
  • Accommodation Coordination

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